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Always obey your elders – A Short Story

Always obey your elders – A Short Story

Once upon a time in a small village, there lived a curious and mischievous young boy named Aryan. Aryan was known for his adventurous nature and his desire to explore everything around him. He loved to wander through the forests, climb trees, and discover new things. However, Aryan often neglected the advice and orders of the elders in the village.

One sunny day, Aryan’s grandmother, Granny Rose, called him over and said, “Aryan, I need your help with something very important. I need you to fetch water from the well near the forest. But remember, do not wander off the path and stay away from the deep woods.”

Aryan, eager to prove his independence, nodded his head but secretly thought, “Why should I listen to Granny Rose? I know the forest well, and nothing bad will happen.”

He set off towards the well, carrying two empty buckets. As Aryan approached the forest, he saw a narrow trail leading into the deep woods. He couldn’t resist the temptation and decided to explore just a little. “I will be back in no time,” he reassured himself.

However, as Aryan ventured deeper, the trees grew taller and the forest became denser. He soon realized that he had lost his way. Panic started to set in as he tried to retrace his steps, but all he saw were unfamiliar trees and unfamiliar paths.

Suddenly, he heard a loud growl. Aryan turned around and found himself face-to-face with a fearsome bear. Trembling with fear, he remembered Granny Rose’s words and regretted not obeying her.

Just when the bear lunged towards him, a group of villagers, including Granny Rose, arrived at the scene. They had noticed Aryan’s absence and followed his footprints. They scared away the bear and hugged Aryan tightly, relieved that he was safe.

As Aryan caught his breath, he looked at Granny Rose with teary eyes and said, “Granny, I am sorry for not obeying your orders. I have learned my lesson.”

Granny Rose smiled and said, “My dear Aryan, we give you orders because we care for your safety. Sometimes, the path we ask you to follow may not seem exciting, but it is for your own good. Always remember to listen to your elders and follow their guidance.”

From that day forward, Aryan understood the importance of obeying the orders of his elders. He became wiser and more cautious, realizing that their advice was based on experience and love. Aryan never forgot the lesson he learned in the forest and grew up to be a responsible and respectful young man, always valuing the wisdom of his elders.


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