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Jay Shah’s Contributions Deserve Recognition

Jay Shah’s Contributions Deserve Recognition

Many people criticize Jay Shah without knowing the facts. Here’s why he deserves appreciation from all Indians:

Choosing Sri Lanka as the Tournament Venue

Some people were dissatisfied with Sri Lanka being the tournament venue. They preferred the UAE due to concerns about rain. However, playing ODIs in the scorching heat of the UAE during these months was practically impossible. T20s can be played at night, but ODIs cannot. Sri Lanka was chosen as the host due to these constraints. The alternative, Bangladesh, had only one ground, and they couldn’t afford to hand it over to the ACC due to an important series against New Zealand before the World Cup. Moreover, Bangladesh demanded excessive fees, which both the PCB and ACC declined.

Strengthening India’s Ties with Sri Lanka

Assisting Sri Lanka during difficult times fosters a closer relationship with India. This is particularly important because China aims to use Sri Lanka for its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Project, which could harm Indian interests. Thus, choosing Sri Lanka as the venue was a strategic move. Imagine India benefiting from a tournament whose hosting rights were with Pakistan.

Handling Rain Interruptions

It’s worth noting that only one match in the tournament was affected by rain; the rest were completed successfully.

Pakistan’s Team Travails

Another challenge was that Pakistan’s team had to travel daily from Sri Lanka to Pakistan during the tournament, which was an embarrassing situation.

Jay Shah’s Innovative Solution

Jay Shah introduced a new rule of having a reserve day for matches. This decision received some criticism from fans who may not have understood the financial implications. However, this rule was introduced to favor Indian interests and to ensure that India’s qualification chances were not reduced. Star Sports also demanded this provision because a washed-out India-Pakistan match due to rain could have resulted in a significant financial loss of approximately 3000 crore.

Ensuring an Unpleasant Experience for Pakistan

Jay Shah’s efforts made sure that the tournament was an unpleasant experience for Pakistan, who held the hosting rights.

Boosting BCCI’s Revenue

Under Jay Shah’s leadership as the secretary of the BCCI, the revenue of the board reached an all-time high, a significant achievement.

Negotiating for India’s Share

Jay Shah successfully negotiated with the International Cricket Council (ICC) to secure a larger share of revenue for India, enhancing the financial strength of Indian cricket.

Building the World’s Largest Cricket Stadium

One of his notable achievements was overseeing the construction of the world’s largest cricket stadium, a testament to his vision and leadership.

Expanding IPL’s Reach

He managed to secure a three-month international window for the Indian Premier League (IPL), allowing it to flourish and expand its reach.

Appointing Renowned Coaches

Jay Shah appointed notable figures like Dravid, Laxman, and, more recently, Agarkar as the new chief selector, bringing experience and expertise to Indian cricket.

Advancing Women’s Cricket

Under his leadership, there was a significant step forward for women’s cricket, with equal pay for women cricketers and an increase in the number of Test matches for the Indian women’s team.

Elevating the IPL

Jay Shah played a crucial role in elevating the Indian Premier League (IPL) to the status of the world’s second-best league, surpassing even football leagues with 150 years of history.

Bringing in Dhoni as Mentor

In a move that thrilled cricket fans, he brought in MS Dhoni as a mentor for the 2021 World Cup, adding valuable experience to the team.

Supporting State Associations

Jay Shah increased funding for state cricket associations and successfully implemented the Lodha committee recommendations, improving the overall structure of Indian cricket.

Recognizing Former Cricketers

He also raised former cricketers’ salaries and secured more hosting rights for India in ICC tournaments, recognizing the contributions of those who have played the game.

Improving Facilities

Under his leadership, there were several improvements, including the introduction of chartered flights for cricketers’ comfort, the initiation of the Women’s IPL, and the implementation of e-tenders for various BCCI rights to prevent fraud.

Fair Assessment of Jay Shah

Jay Shah is often targeted because of his father’s affiliation with the BJP and his position as the Home Minister of India. However, the truth is that he has achieved remarkable accomplishments as the BCCI secretary and will likely continue to do so. Indian cricket, both administratively and on the field, is thriving under his leadership.

Room for Improvement

Of course, nothing is perfect, and there are areas that need improvement. Let’s provide fair criticism based on performance rather than personal bias.


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