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Brutal Murders Unearthed in Karnataka: Couple Arrested

Brutal Murders Unearthed in Karnataka: Couple Arrested

A shocking and heart-wrenching case has recently come to light in Karnataka, leaving the police and the community in disbelief. T Siddalingappa, a 35-year-old man, and his girlfriend Chandrakala were involved in a series of brutal murders that have sent shockwaves throughout the state. Both individuals are currently in custody as the investigation unfolds.

The mystery surrounding the mutilated and headless bodies of women found 24 kilometers apart was finally solved after an extensive investigation. It was revealed that Siddalingappa and Chandrakala conspired to commit these heinous acts, targeting five women in a brutal manner.

During the investigation, it came to light that Siddalingappa carried out these gruesome murders to please his girlfriend. He claimed that the victims had forced Chandrakala into prostitution, which fueled his anger and led to the planning and execution of the horrific crimes.

The Disturbing Details: On June 8, the dismembered bodies of two women were discovered in different locations near a water canal in Mandya district, Karnataka. The upper halves of their bodies had been severed, and the remaining parts were stuffed into sacks and discarded in the canal at two separate spots.

One body was found in the Baby Lake canal near Bettanahalli, while the other was discovered in the CDS canal near Arakere village, falling under the jurisdiction of Pandavapura town and Arakere police stations in Mandya district, respectively. The victims’ legs had been bound, adding to the brutality of the murders and causing shock and tension among the local community.

Supervised by Mandya district superintendent of police Yatish, the investigation was approached as a significant challenge. The police department dedicated extensive resources, including technical efforts, to solve the case. It took nearly 50 days to unravel the truth, with a team of 40 to 50 officers traveling across multiple states to gather information. Yatish expressed shock at the involvement of a woman in the crimes and stated that the perpetrator had planned to target more women.

The Murders: A Horrific Act of Violence According to the Superintendent of Police, the motive behind the murders was not financial gain but rather the personal relationship between Siddalingappa and Chandrakala. Despite having a family, Siddalingappa lived with his girlfriend. The victims were women who had allegedly coerced Chandrakala into prostitution. Yatish revealed that Siddalingappa’s extreme sensitivity towards his girlfriend drove him to carry out the murders in such a brutal manner.

Identifying the victims proved challenging, but the police managed to do so within four to five days. They distributed 10,000 pamphlets in the surrounding areas, seeking information and assistance in identifying the half-mutilated bodies. Nine special teams and two technical teams were formed to crack the case. The police cross-verified 1,116 cases of missing women in Karnataka and neighboring states.

The breakthrough in the investigation came when the missing person case of Geeta was reported to the Chamarajanagar police station. Geeta’s body had been severed in half, bearing striking similarities to the recovered half-mutilated body. Tracking Geeta’s phone records, the police successfully apprehended the killers.

During interrogation, the accused confessed to killing another woman named Kumuda in Bengaluru. They admitted to transporting Kumuda’s body on a bike and disposing of it. Siddalingappa, a resident of Kodihalli Colony near Kudur town in Ramanagara district, and his girlfriend Chandrakala, a resident of Harvu village near Pandavapura town in Mandya district, were both arrested.

The victims have been identified as Parvathy and Chamarajanagar, residents of Hosadurga in Chitradurga district. The third victim was Geeta, also known as Putti. Parvathy was killed on May 30, followed by Geeta on June 3. The bodies were dismembered to facilitate their transportation on a bike before being dumped in different locations.

The apprehension of the perpetrators has brought some relief, but the brutality of the crimes continues to haunt the community. Authorities are now focused on preventing similar incidents in the future while ensuring justice for the victims and their families.


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