Home Sports Cody Rhodes Smashes Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2023, Gets Hug-tastic Surprise

Cody Rhodes Smashes Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2023, Gets Hug-tastic Surprise

Cody Rhodes Smashes Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2023, Gets Hug-tastic Surprise

Cody Rhodes Shows Lesnar Who’s Boss, Gets Heartfelt Hug and ‘Thumbs Up’ from Wrestling Titan

  • In a sizzling wrestling match at SummerSlam 2023, Cody Rhodes literally pinned down Brock Lesnar! Yep, you heard that right. Cody not only survived the showdown but also pinned Lesnar’s shoulders to the mat. Victory dance, anyone?
  • The arena was on fire as these two giants clashed. And it was match two of the Biggest Party of the Summer. Cody played the ultimate chess move and checkmated Lesnar in front of the whole WWE Universe.

Heartwarming Move from the Beast: Lesnar Breaks Character, Hugs Cody and Gives Him a “You’re Awesome” Stamp

  • Now, hold your horses! After the match, guess what Lesnar did? He went all emotional, walked up to Cody, and gave him a big bear hug! It was like an action-packed blockbuster suddenly turned into a heartwarming family drama. And that’s not all, folks! Lesnar even raised Cody’s hand like a teacher praising his star student. No kidding, Lesnar gave Cody the ultimate thumbs up, showing everyone that Cody’s got the stuff.
  • Fans in the arena went bananas. It was like Lesnar put on his “gentle giant” cape, and the crowd was left with their jaws dropped and their hearts warmed.
  • Cody? Well, he was as surprised as a kid who just found an extra chocolate hidden in the cookie jar. He was all smiles and a little bewildered at this unexpected show of sportsmanship. But who wouldn’t be? I mean, come on, when the Beast gives you a bear hug, you gotta feel like you just won the wrestling lottery!
  • And guess what? Cody didn’t waste any time. He high-fived the air, did a happy dance, and then dashed out of the ring like a kid who just heard the bell for recess.

Bossman Triple H Spills the Beans: Lesnar’s Hug? Completely Unplanned! Triple H Spills the Beans

  • Now, we’ve got some inside scoop! Triple H, the bigwig in WWE, spilled the beans at a press conference. He revealed, “Nope, this wasn’t in the script, folks!” Yes, you read that right. That emotional hug and arm raise weren’t part of the game plan. It was like watching a superhero ad-lib his lines and steal the show.
  • And guess what Triple H thinks? He’s all praises for Lesnar. “I don’t think people give Lesnar enough credit for being a showman,” Triple H said. “He’s not just a powerhouse, he’s a legend in the making. The way he pulled off that unplanned hug? Priceless, my friends.”
  • So, there you have it. The wrestling ring turned into a heartwarming hug-a-thon, thanks to Cody and Lesnar. Who knew that SummerSlam would give us wrestling moves and heartwarming moments all in one package? Wrestling fans, you’ve got to admit, this was like a double scoop of awesomeness!


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