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Dipika Kakkar Son Ruhan: A Joyful Revelation

Famous TV actress Dipika Kakkar and her husband, Shoaib Ibrahim, have recently delighted their fans by unveiling the first glimpse of their son, Ruhan. This revelation has been eagerly awaited by fans, who have been longing to catch a glimpse of the adorable baby boy.

A Precious Arrival: Ruhan’s Premature Birth

Deepika Kakkar, well-known for her television roles, gave birth to Ruhan on June 21. However, Ruhan’s arrival was earlier than expected, making it a premature birth. This challenging start to life meant that Ruhan had to spend several days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to ensure his well-being.

Welcoming Ruhan into the Family

Following his time in the NICU, Ruhan was finally able to join his family at home. The warmth and joy of his arrival were palpable as the family celebrated his homecoming. Deepika Kakkar has been dedicated to sharing updates about Ruhan’s journey with her fans, keeping them informed and engaged.

The Heartwarming First Picture with Ruhaan

Deepika and Shoaib recently shared a heartwarming picture with their son Ruhan, marking the first public appearance of the baby. This much-anticipated moment touched the hearts of fans who had been eagerly awaiting this glimpse of Ruhan.

Fan Reactions: Love and Comparisons

Fans showered the adorable family picture with immense love and affection. The comments section was filled with heartwarming messages, with fans expressing their joy at finally seeing Ruhan’s face. Some fans even couldn’t help but draw comparisons between Ruhan and other family members.

The Meaning Behind “Ruhaan Ibrahim”

Deepika had previously revealed Ruhan’s name through a charming video on her YouTube channel. She shared that her son’s name, Ruhaan Ibrahim, means “kind” and “spiritual.” This meaningful name choice resonated with her fans.

Trolls and the Name Revelation

While many celebrated the name reveal, the internet can sometimes be a less welcoming place. Deepika Kakkar faced trolling and criticism related to her video and the name choice for Ruhan. Despite the negativity, Deepika and Shoaib have continued to embrace their journey as new parents.


  1. When was Deepika Kakkar’s son, Ruhan, born?
    • Ruhan was born on June 21.
  2. Why was Ruhan kept in the NICU?
    • Ruhan’s premature birth required him to spend time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to ensure his health and well-being.
  3. What does the name “Ruhaan Ibrahim” mean?
    • The name “Ruhaan Ibrahim” means “kind” and “spiritual.”
  4. How have fans reacted to Ruhan’s first picture?
    • Fans have showered the picture with love and affection, expressing their joy at finally seeing Ruhan.
  5. Did Deepika Kakkar face trolling regarding Ruhan’s name?
    • Yes, Deepika faced trolling and criticism related to the video where she revealed Ruhan’s name, but she continued to embrace her journey as a new parent.

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