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Historic Victory: Indian Women’s Archery Team Clinches Gold at World Championship 2023

Indian Women’s Archery Team Creating History: India’s Women’s Compound archery team has etched their names in gold at the ongoing World Archery Championship in Berlin, the capital city of Germany. Marking a momentous achievement, India secured the gold medal for the very first time in the history of this prestigious tournament, which saw its inception back in 1931. The competition introduced compound events in 1995.

In an exhilarating final showdown of the compound event, the Indian women’s team outperformed their Mexican counterparts with a score of 235-229, clinching the coveted gold medal. The trio instrumental in this remarkable triumph comprises Jyoti Surekh, Vennam Preneet Kaur, and Aditi Swami. Earlier, during the semi-finals, they faced a formidable Colombian team and emerged victorious with a score of 220-216.

India made its maiden appearance in the World Archery Championship during Italy’s edition in 1981. In the previous championship held in the Netherlands in 2019, India clinched a medal in the recurve category. The Archery World Championship is a biennial event, and India has previously secured silver medals on nine occasions and bronze medals twice.

Men’s Team Endeavors: While the Indian women’s team celebrated their historic victory, the performance of the Indian men’s team faced disappointment. Despite a hard-fought effort, the men’s team encountered elimination during the quarter-finals. The Netherlands team secured a victory against India with a score of 235-230. Representing India were Abhishek Verma, Ojal Deotale, and Prathamesh Javkar. Additionally, the mixed event witnessed a closely contested match, with the Indian team narrowly succumbing to a 154-153 defeat against the American team.

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