Home Education ICMAI Releases CMA Result 2023

ICMAI Releases CMA Result 2023

ICMAI Releases CMA Result 2023

The ICMAI Unveils CMA Result 2023: The Institute of Cost Accountants of India has officially disclosed the outcomes of the CMA Foundation Exam for the year 2023. Those individuals who undertook the examination are encouraged to verify their outcomes by navigating to the authoritative website. This can be achieved by visiting the designated online location for the ICMAI CMA, which is icmai.in.

The outcomes are accessible following the provision of requisite personal data. Aspirants must furnish their assigned identification number in order to gain access to the outcome via the online platform. Alternatively, for easy access, you may pursue the subsequent procedural guide or simply employ the hyperlink provided.

  1. Confirming Results through Effortless Steps To authenticate the outcome, begin by accessing the official web domain, namely icmai.in.
  2. Upon reaching the homepage, select the hyperlink denoted as – ‘Outcome For the June 2023 Foundation Examination’. Commencing this action will result in the presentation of a novel web page, prompting you to input your individualized particulars.
  3. Furnish the requested information and subsequently submit it. This action will prompt the expeditious appearance of the outcomes on your monitor.
  4. Review the outcomes from this juncture, retrieve them digitally, and if desired, elect to produce a tangible copy as well.

Date of Examination Unveiled

The ICMAI CMA Foundation June Exam 2023 was convened on the 16th of July. During this particular day, the examination unfolded in two discrete segments. In aggregate, four distinct papers were administered as part of this evaluation. The CMA Foundation Scorecard will encompass an assortment of particulars concerning the examinee, encompassing elements such as – Appellative, Identity Code, Enrollment Identification etc. The forthcoming announcement of these outcomes The Institute of Company Secretaries of India is slated to disseminate the outcomes of the Company Secretary Executive Entrance Test 2023, a milestone expected to be realized on the 9th of August 2023, a Wednesday.

Those candidates who participated in this assessment are cordially invited to peruse their results after their formal unveiling on the official web hub of ICSI, with the web location being – icsi.edu. According to the available intelligence, the formal release of these outcomes is projected to take place at 4 o’clock in the afternoon on this date. Thereafter, candidates shall possess the prerogative to peruse these outcomes directly on the digital forum.


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