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New Era of Health Care: Get Ready for the National Digital Health Mission

New Delhi, August 5, 2023: Big news on the health front! The Indian government has kicked off something called the National Digital Health Mission Scheme. It’s like a cool plan to make healthcare better for everyone. They want to put your health info online and give you a special Health Card.

Easy Peasy Application: To join in on this health mission, all you need is either your Aadhaar number or Driving License. And don’t forget your name and address – that’s important too!

The Lowdown on the Health Card: Guess what? Every single person will get a fancy Health Card. This card will have all sorts of important stuff about your health. Think of it like a cheat sheet for your doctor, with details about your sicknesses, what medicines you take, and even when you went to the hospital.

How to Hop on the Health Train: Want to be part of this health makeover? Step one: head to the official website ( Then, find the ‘Create Health ID’ button and choose if you want to use your Aadhaar or Driving License. Fill in your details, hit submit, and you’re in!

Government Watching Out and Doctor Help: The big shots in the government and the National Health Authority will be keeping a close eye on this mission. They’ll also be giving out those Health IDs. Even private hospitals can keep your medical records safe and sound according to the rules.

Get Set for Digital Health: The National Digital Health Mission is like a fresh start for healthcare. It’s all about using computers and the internet to make your doctor visits smoother. Imagine having all your health info in one place and doctors being super prepared to help you out. It’s like magic, but with technology!

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