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Pakistan’s Deteriorating Situation: Shahbaz Government Hands Over Law and Order to Army Amid Fear of Martial Law

Pakistan: The situation in Pakistan has taken a worrisome turn, prompting the Shahbaz Sharif government to fear communal violence during the month of Muharram. In response, the government has invoked Article 245, granting the army the responsibility of maintaining law and order. This move comes as the Pakistani army prepares for the possibility of martial law in the country.

Article 245 is a crucial provision in Pakistan’s Constitution that allows the federal government to entrust law and order responsibilities to the army. Presently, the deteriorating state of affairs in the country calls for such measures. The frequency of terrorist attacks has risen, and Pakistan’s economic condition remains precarious. Additionally, the rise of radical elements, particularly regarding Seema Haider, has raised further concerns.

Statistics show that from January to June 2023, Pakistan has witnessed 271 terrorist attacks, resulting in the loss of 389 lives. The government’s ability to handle the situation has been stretched thin, leading to the decision to hand over command to the army.

Amid the political confrontation surrounding Imran Khan’s arrest and legal actions, the increase in terrorist incidents has added to Pakistan’s woes. The very terrorists that the nation once nurtured are now posing a threat to its stability.

It is evident that the situation in Pakistan demands immediate attention and a coordinated response. As the government implements Article 245, all eyes are on how the army will handle the challenges ahead. The fear of potential martial law looms, highlighting the urgency to address the pressing issues affecting the nation.

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