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PM Modi addressed YouTube Fanfest India 2023

PM Modi addressed YouTube Fanfest India 2023

YouTube Fanfest India 2023 witnessed a remarkable moment when Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the stage to address the creative community. His 15-year journey as a YouTuber had brought him closer to the people, and he expressed his excitement about being a part of this vibrant community. In this article, we delve into the key highlights of his address, emphasizing the impact on India’s creative landscape.

YouTube Fanfest India 2023: A Creative Revolution

Embracing Cleanliness as an Identity

Clean India became a big campaign

In his address, PM Modi lauded the Clean India campaign’s success over the last nine years. This initiative became a mass movement, with widespread participation. Children infused emotional vigor into the cause, and celebrities elevated it to new heights. YouTubers played a pivotal role by making cleanliness not just a mission but also cool. PM Modi emphasized that the journey would continue until cleanliness became India’s defining identity.

Catalyzing Digital Payments

Motivate people for digital payment

PM Modi acknowledged India’s global prominence in digital payments, thanks to the success of UPI. India now holds a remarkable 47 percent share in the digital payments space worldwide. He urged YouTubers to inspire more people to embrace digital payments through their videos. This transition towards a digital economy would empower individuals and boost financial inclusion.

Vocal for Local: Supporting Indian Artisans

Vocal for local

Highlighting the skills of local artisans, PM Modi encouraged YouTubers to promote Indian products through their content. The Prime Minister stressed the importance of endorsing and buying products made with the dedication of local laborers. Supporting local craftsmanship not only boosts the economy but also preserves traditional skills.

Subscribing to PM Modi’s YouTube Channel

Appeal to subscribe the channel

In a humble appeal, PM Modi requested people to subscribe to his YouTube channel and enable notifications. He aimed to ensure that his channel served as a platform for sharing valuable insights and updates directly with the people.

Impact on India’s Creative Landscape

PM Modi’s address marked a pivotal moment in the history of YouTube Fanfest India. It showcased the power of creative individuals to influence and inspire change. Let’s explore the impact:

  1. Cleanliness Drive: The continued emphasis on cleanliness aligns with India’s commitment to hygiene and sanitation. With YouTubers actively participating, this mission will likely see even greater success.
  2. Digital Revolution: PM Modi’s call for promoting digital payments reinforces India’s status as a global leader in financial technology. The YouTube community can play a crucial role in driving this transition.
  3. Boosting Local Economy: Supporting local artisans and products is a step towards self-reliance. By featuring local craftsmanship in their content, YouTubers can contribute to the growth of the Indian economy.
  4. Direct Citizen Engagement: The Prime Minister’s appeal for channel subscriptions is a testament to the power of digital platforms in direct citizen engagement. It offers a unique opportunity for individuals to stay informed about government initiatives.


Q: How did Prime Minister Narendra Modi contribute to YouTube Fanfest India 2023?

PM Modi addressed the creative community at YouTube Fanfest India 2023, sharing insights on cleanliness, digital payments, and supporting local artisans.

Q: What was the significance of the Clean India campaign mentioned in PM Modi’s address?

The Clean India campaign became a mass movement over nine years, with contributions from people of all ages, including children and celebrities. YouTubers played a crucial role in making cleanliness a cool and aspirational mission.

Q: How has India performed in the global digital payments landscape?

India has achieved remarkable success in digital payments, currently holding a 47 percent share in the world, largely due to the success of UPI (Unified Payments Interface).

Q: What is the “Vocal for Local” initiative discussed by PM Modi?

The “Vocal for Local” initiative encourages the promotion and purchase of products made by local artisans in India. PM Modi emphasized the need to support these artisans through creative work and content.

Q: Why did PM Modi appeal to people to subscribe to his YouTube channel?

PM Modi aims to engage directly with the people through his YouTube channel, sharing valuable insights and updates. Subscribing and enabling notifications ensures that viewers stay informed about government initiatives.

Q: What is the impact of PM Modi’s address on India’s creative landscape?

PM Modi’s address at YouTube Fanfest India 2023 has energized and inspired the creative community. It has propelled initiatives related to cleanliness, digital payments, and local craftsmanship, impacting India’s creative and economic landscape.


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