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RuPay Card Goes Global: 10,000 Cards Issued in Bhutan, Crossing Borders with Ease

RuPay Cards in Bhutan: In a groundbreaking development, the RuPay card has surged in popularity, both within the country and now across international borders. Bhutan has become the latest nation to adopt this method of payment, with an impressive 10,000 cards issued in a remarkably short period since its launch.

The milestone was announced by NPCI International Payments Limited (NIPL), a subsidiary and international arm of the National Payments Corporation of India. Within a short span of time, 10,000 RuPay cards have been successfully issued in Bhutan, marking a significant step toward widespread acceptance of this digital payment solution.

The success of the RuPay card can be attributed to its partnership with Bhutan National Bank Limited (BNBL) and the Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan Bank. The BNBL RuPay Debit Card is now accepted at over 265,994 ATMs and 7.9 million POS terminals deployed by NPCI member banks for cash withdrawals, balance inquiries, and purchases, both within Bhutan and in India.

Launched as part of RuPay Phase-2 in November 2020, this cross-border payment initiative aims to provide low-cost digital payment solutions and foster financial inclusion between India and Bhutan. As a result, all citizens of Bhutan gain the convenience of withdrawing cash and making digital payments at ATMs and POS terminals across India. Presently, Bhutan National Bank remains the sole issuer of RuPay cards in the country.

NIPL’s strategic alliance with BNBL has contributed to the swift establishment of a robust RuPay infrastructure in Bhutan. The card’s growing popularity in the country can be attributed to the tailored solutions provided to its users, offering convenience and security in their transactions.

Looking ahead, NIPL has ambitious plans to expand the RuPay card to other countries as well, actively working towards that goal. The rapid acceptance of RuPay in Bhutan and its all-around growth serve as a testament to the strong bilateral relations shared between the two neighboring nations. With each card issuance, the RuPay network takes a step further in its mission to offer innovative, secure, and feature-rich global payment solutions.

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