Home Health This one Pose will melt away your Belly Fat

This one Pose will melt away your Belly Fat

This one Pose will melt away your Belly Fat

Boat Pose For Belly Fat

Are you also troubled by the hanging belly fat? Are you not getting any benefit from going to the gym? If yes then you should try a yoga posture named Naukasana. It helps in reducing belly fat in a simple way. Apart from this, it strengthens the muscles. Physical health also improves. Let us know everything about sailing in detail.

Boating reduces belly fat

Naukasana is derived from two Sanskrit words, Nauka means boat and Asana means seat. In the practice of this yoga asana, your body becomes in the boat posture. Belly fat can be reduced in a few days by doing naukasana. Actually, when you do this exercise, during this time there is a stretch in the abdominal muscles. Due to this the muscles get compressed. It helps in reducing belly fat. While doing this asana, there is pressure on the internal muscles of the abdomen, which increases blood circulation in them. The practice of this asana is also very helpful in making abs. This also reduces the fat on the side of the stomach. By doing this asana for 20 minutes everyday, you can get results in a few days. However, you also need to pay attention to your diet. You should include fibre-rich, low-calorie foods in your diet.

These are also benefits of sailing

By doing Naukasana, the muscles of the back and abdomen become strong. The muscles of the legs and arms also get strengthened. It helps in toning your body. This helps in strengthening the lower part of the body. Digestion can also be improved by this asana. Sailing is helpful in strengthening the liver and pancreas.

How to do boating posture?

    • Lie down on your back. Keep the feet together.
    • Keep the hands beside the body.
    • Take a deep breath, as soon as you exhale, raise your chest and legs above the ground.
    • place the arms under the feet
    • Now slowly bring the arms up.
    • Due to the contraction of the abdominal muscles, tension will be felt in the navel area.
    • While in this posture, keep taking deep breaths comfortably.

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