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Twitter Announces Exclusive Dark Mode, Elon Musk Welcomes the Move

Micro-blogging site Twitter, now known as “Twitter X,” will soon be available only in Dark Mode, as announced by Twitter’s CEO Elon Musk, who believes it’s a significant improvement. Musk expressed his views on Twitter, sparking debates on the preference between Light Mode and Dark Mode. According to The Verge, Twitter is currently undergoing a rebranding phase with the upcoming Twitter X.

In response to the announcement, users quickly shared their opinions, with many pointing out that reading light text on a black background could be challenging. Several users have requested Twitter to retain the option for Light Mode, even if Twitter X switches to Dark Mode by default.

Twitter’s Background Color Options

As reported by The Verge, Twitter X caters to users with different preferences by offering distinct background options, including Light Mode, a setting with deep blue/gray background with dim lighting, and Lights Out, which presents a completely black-colored interface.

Rebranding Continues Gradually

Twitter X’s rebranding process is gradually unfolding, evident in the recent makeover of the company’s Android app, now showcasing a new name and logo on the Google Play Store. Meanwhile, Twitter is also making efforts to lure advertisers back and encourage brands to invest more on the platform by offering verification as an incentive.

Innovations and transformations seem to be on the horizon for Twitter, and the ongoing discussions around dark and light modes indicate that user feedback plays a crucial role in shaping the platform’s future direction.

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