Home Technology UPI Lite X and Hello UPI: NPCI’s Game-Changing Innovations

UPI Lite X and Hello UPI: NPCI’s Game-Changing Innovations

UPI Lite X and Hello UPI: NPCI’s Game-Changing Innovations


The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) is at the forefront of revolutionizing digital payments, and in the Global Fintech Fest (GFF) 2023, it unveiled two groundbreaking UPI-based services – UPI Lite X and Hello UPI. These innovations have been introduced with the aim of simplifying UPI payments and expanding financial accessibility. In addition to these services, NPCI has also brought forth the BillPay Connect facility, further enhancing the digital payment landscape in India.

The UPI Surge

Before we delve into the details of these exciting services, it’s worth noting the impressive growth of UPI payments. In August, UPI transactions soared past the 10 billion mark, underscoring the burgeoning popularity of this payment system in India.

UPI Lite X: Transacting Without Borders

A Gateway to Offline Transactions

UPI Lite X takes digital payments to the next level by enabling users to conduct transactions even without an internet connection. The only requirement is the presence of Near Field Communication (NFC) on your phone. This service is a boon for individuals residing in areas with unreliable internet connectivity, making financial transactions accessible to a broader demographic.

Hello UPI: A Voice-Powered Revolution

Voice Commands for Seamless Transactions

Hello UPI introduces a pioneering way to transfer money – through voice commands. Users simply need to speak the recipient’s name and enter their UPI PIN, making transactions a breeze. Currently available in Hindi and English, NPCI has ambitious plans to incorporate more languages, ensuring that this feature becomes accessible to a diverse population. NPCI’s collaboration with the Bhashini Program at IIT Madras – AI4India has played a pivotal role in developing payment language models in Hindi and English, enhancing the user experience.

BillPay Connect Service: Simplifying Bill Payments

A Nationalized Bill Payment Solution

BillPay Connect simplifies the bill payment process by providing a single nationalized number for bill payments across India. Users can call or message this number to initiate bill payments, followed by a verification call. Once the payment is verified, the bill is settled promptly. Beyond this, BillPay Connect offers a voice-assisted bill payment service, allowing users to receive and pay bills through voice commands on their smart home devices. Instant voice confirmation provides added convenience and assurance.


In an era where digital payments are becoming increasingly integral to our lives, NPCI’s introduction of UPI Lite X, Hello UPI, and BillPay Connect is nothing short of visionary. These innovations not only make financial transactions more accessible but also pave the way for a more inclusive digital economy. As NPCI continues to lead the charge in fintech innovations, the future of digital payments in India looks promising.


  1. How do I access UPI Lite X and Hello UPI?
    • UPI Lite X and Hello UPI can be accessed through the respective mobile applications provided by NPCI.
  2. What is the advantage of UPI Lite X for users with poor internet connectivity?
    • UPI Lite X allows users to make transactions offline, making it ideal for areas with unreliable internet access.
  3. When will Hello UPI be available in languages other than Hindi and English?
    • NPCI plans to expand Hello UPI’s language options in the near future, ensuring broader accessibility.
  4. Is BillPay Connect available for all types of bills?
    • BillPay Connect covers a wide range of bills, including utilities, subscriptions, and more.
  5. How can I get assistance with UPI Lite X, Hello UPI, or BillPay Connect?
    • For any queries or assistance, users can refer to NPCI’s official website or customer support channels.


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