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What did the Pakistanis say about the increasing foreign investment from China in India? Find out.

Pakistan Public On India: At present, China and India are such countries in the world, where the best prospects of business are seen. The biggest reason for this is the market here. Globally, the market of both the countries is huge. Keeping this in view, many big countries of the world have invested in the country with the largest population. However, since Kovid, the first choice of foreign investors has become India instead of China.

Recently, Pakistani female YouTuber Sana Amjad wanted to know from the public the reason behind more foreign investment in India than in China. Responding to this, Awam said that there are more opportunities for investment in India. The Government of India is a big reason behind this. He has full faith in his people.

Said about the port of China
Regarding the investment, the Pakistani person said about his country that the people’s government is not stable here. On the other hand, if we talk about China, there is not much port there, due to which it has to take its goods from one place to another through Hong Kong. While talking about the situation in Pakistan, he said that the government’s policy here is not correct. If someone gets more money then the government starts doubting him.

Pakistani YouTuber gave information to the public
Even after the recent opening of the Apple Store in India, the Pakistani man said that the policy there attracts foreign investors to spend money. Pakistani YouTuber also informed the public that Tesla is going to open one of its factories in India.

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