Home World Woman Sentenced to Death for Drug Trafficking in Singapore

Woman Sentenced to Death for Drug Trafficking in Singapore

Woman Sentenced to Death for Drug Trafficking in Singapore

In a shocking incident on Friday, a 45-year-old woman named Saridevi Binte Jamani was executed by hanging for drug trafficking in Singapore. She was found guilty of dealing with 30 grams of heroin, an offense that carries the death penalty in Singapore. Saridevi’s conviction dates back to 2018 when she was caught involved in the illegal trade of the narcotic substance.

Notably, this is the second time in almost twenty years that a woman has faced the death penalty for drug-related offenses in Singapore. Just two days prior, another individual, identified as Abhi Mohammed Ajees Bin Hussein, was also executed for a similar crime involving 50 grams of heroin.

Saridevi had appealed against her conviction and death sentence, but her plea was dismissed by the court on October 6, 2022. It is worth mentioning that there has been a growing demand to abolish the death penalty for drug offenses in Singapore, and these recent executions have ignited public debates on the matter.

This case marks the fifteenth execution since the government resumed capital punishment in March 2022, following a two-year halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Before Saridevi’s execution, the last woman to face the death penalty for drug trafficking in Singapore was Yen May Woen in 2004, who was a 36-year-old hairdresser.

Local human rights groups and activists have expressed their concerns and dissent over the use of capital punishment, especially for drug-related offenses. The Transformative Justice Collective has informed that another individual is set to be executed on August 3, raising further discussions on the issue.


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